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ISRPA Conventional Prone State Championship

  • 8 Oct 2022
  • 9:00 AM
  • 16067 IN-120, Bristol, IN 46507


Date/Time October 8, 2022, 9:00 AM EST

Sponsor St. Joseph Valley Rifle & Pistol Association

Location Chief Wa-Ke-De Range

Contact Cameron Zwart

Rules 2022 CMP Smallbore Rifle Competition Rules

Rifle .22 caliber (Rule 5.1)

Sights Any Sights (Rule 5.2.2)

Time 20 minutes per 20-shot stage

Course of Fire

Stage 1 40 shots at 50 yards (A23/5)

Stage 2 40 shots at 50 meters (A26)

Stage 3 20 shots at 50 yards (A23/5), 20 shots at 100 yards (A25)

Stage 4 40 shots at 100 yards (A25)

Competitors may fire unlimited sighting shots before and/or during record firing

Competitors will be responsible for hanging their own targets and supplying their own target clips.

Team Match A two-person team match, sponsored by the St. Joseph Valley Rifle & Pistol Association will be held at the conclusion of the individual match. The course of fire will be 20 shots at 100 yards (A25), 20 shots at 50 yards (A23/5). Team scores are calculated by adding the individual scores. The scores from the Team Match are not part of the 2022 Indiana State Smallbore Championship; however, competitors that are registered for the State Championship, are eligible to compete as individuals who are part of a team. There is no additional cost to participate in the team match.

Preparation Time All prone events are preceded by a 5-minute Pre-Preparation Time before first stages or a 2-minute Pre-Preparation Time before second stages. These are followed by 3-minute preparation periods (Rule 6.4.3).

Eligibility The 2022 Indiana State Smallbore Championship is a CMP-sanctioned event that is being conducted in cooperation with the Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association (ISRPA). According to CMP rule 3.6f, Classification reciprocity is recognized for individuals having NRA or USA Shooting Classifications; however, competitors must have a CMP Competition Tracking Number (CT#). This is readily achieved online without charge but must be completed prior to registration. Reference is made to the CMP website at to register for a CT Number.

Entries Entries are limited to 100 competitors which is the capacity of the range for the time allotted. All entries are requested in advance. If range space is available, entries will be accepted onsite.

Score Challenges After scores are posted on the Official Bulletin Board, a 30-minute scoring challenge period will be provided when competitors and coaches have an opportunity to see their scored paper targets and protest any shot values, or scores, they believe were scored, recorded, or added incorrectly. The purpose of scoring challenges is to correct errors, not to rescore shots that have already been scored with an approved means of scoring (Rule 8.1.2). Shot value protests may only be made on shots whose values were decided without using a scoring gauge or scoring template (Rule 8.2.1). Shots whose values were decided with a scoring gauge or template cannot be challenged, unless there is a recording, tabulation, or other obvious error (Rule 8.2.2). A $3.00 challenge fee will be assessed for each challenge. The fee will be returned if the challenge is upheld.

Ties Ties are broken in favor of the competitor with the highest number of inner tens (Rule 8.5.1).

Coaching Coaching or assisting a competitor during an individual event is not permitted. When team and individual events are fired concurrently, coaching is not permitted. Coaching team members during a team competition is permitted, provided that a team may have only one coach on the firing line (Rule 6.5).

Cost $25 (Non-ISPRA Member), $20 (ISPRA Member)

Camping The range has adequate space for camping, with electric hookup. There are washrooms with flush toilets and showers. Advance notice is required to camp at the range. There is no cost.

Season 6400 The individual having high aggregate of the April 1600, June 3200, and State Championship will be named Chief Wa-Ke-De Range champion.

Awards The designated State Championship must be a resident of the State of Indiana. The Indiana State Champion will receive a medal. First in each Category will receive a medal if there are at least three competitors within that Category. The cash awards schedule for the State Championship is tabulated below. Cash awards are available to all competitors who enter at the adult fee. Cash awards will be given for the high score for each stage and the high aggregate of all stages. With the exception of the Winner category, no competitor within a classification or category will receive more than one cash award from either a Single Stage or the Aggregate of All Stages. Ranking of cash awards will be: Open, Classification, and Category (i.e. Lady, Grand Senior, Senior, Junior, Intermediate Junior and Sub Junior). Classification cash awards will be made only if there are 6 or more competitors in the class. When there are less than 6 in a class, classes will be combined from the lowest ranking unfilled (less than 6) class. Category cash awards will be made if one or more competitors participate in that Category. A single competitor may receive cash awards in both Classification as well as within Category.

Cash Award Schedule (subject to change if classes and categories are combined):

Single Stage           Aggregate of All Stages

Winner $ 6 $ 8

First Master $ 4 $ 5

Second Master $ 2 $ 3

First Expert $ 4 $ 5

Second Expert* $ 2 $ 3

First Sharpshooter $ 4 $ 5

Second Sharpshooter* $ 2 $ 3

First Marksman $ 4 $ 5

Second Marksman* $ 2 $ 3

First Lady ** $ 2 $ 3

First Grand Senior** $ 2 $ 3

First Senior** $ 2 $ 3

First Junior** $ 2 $ 3

First Intermediate Jr.** $ 2 $ 3

First Sub Junior** $ 2 $ 3

* If 10 or more shooters in a class.

** If one or more shooters in the category

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